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Here are some blog type things from over the years...

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Feb 2, 2012 - Why New Year's Eve should be today

I've always wondered why February had the fewest number of days.  I guess they ran out of days: 30,31,30,31, . . . 28 oh shoot, ran out. But it seems to me, when you run out of something, you do so at the end.  If I had 11 oranges and I said...

Jan 1, 2011 - Today is thursday

ok. it's 12am and I'm at home. I just made some coffee. Community Coffee they call it. but I'm alone.

Speaking of Bees. I went to the New Orleans Hornet's game last night. They lost. I drank too much. They sell Abita, and Shrimp Po Boys in the...

Jun 6, 2010 - Tonights show is brought to you by the letter L

Here are 4 things I'm looking forward to after the move. 

1) Right turn on Red. 
2) Dazzling natives with my parallel parking skills.
3) On those online address forms,  I will be able to select my state with a single keystroke.  "L". Right now I...


Here is some blog type stuff.  Many of these were from emails promoting gigs.  You can sign up for my email list HERE.

Dec 12, 2009 - With or without you

Last night I’m sitting at the Ear Inn Bar chatting with Victor the bartender. No gig just hanging.   He tells me the night before Bono and the Edge stopped in.   The waitress that served them (Jessica/Jennifer) "was the only one who got a...

Aug 8, 2009 - Sharks I just watched this on your tube. According to there are 35 restaurants in NYC that serve Shark Fin Soup. Lets boycot.

Jun 6, 2009 - Beatles gigs

So I am sitting here, transcribing french horn parts from Paul McCartney's Little Lamb/Dragonfly.

From time to time I play with two Beatles tribute bands.  One is "Bubble Does Beatles", they play mostly to kids and their families,...

May 5, 2009 - cinco de rodeo

Today is May 5. Cinco de mayo. The band and I will be at rodeo bar. There will be no French songs today. There will be no Mexican songs either (I don't know any). There is a Herb Albert song called "Cinco de Mayo" I'm tempted to cover but...

Aug 8, 2008

Regarding Beer at Barbes. At first I was digging the "speckled-hen"
drafts. The problem is I start thinking what a speckled hen really
might look like, and then somehow that get's me thinking of the
chicken pox. Not good. So that's out for...

Aug 8, 2008


I'll be continuing the Friday night august residency at Barbes tonight.  There was some back and forthness on my availability tonight, so I may have said last week I wasn't go to be there.  But rest assured I will be.  

I start...