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Rambling on Jun 6, 2010

Tonights show is brought to you by the letter L

Here are 4 things I'm looking forward to after the move. 

1) Right turn on Red. 
2) Dazzling natives with my parallel parking skills.
3) On those online address forms,  I will be able to select my state with a single keystroke.  "L". Right now I have to hit "N" 7 times.  
4) Louisiana Left -  It seems in New Orleans you can not make a left turn on major intersections.  You have to drive past the road, then make a u-turn in the neutral zone, then make a right hand turn (see no 1).    
You can make a right turn immediately, then make a u-turn in that road’s neutral zone.

Seems like a pain eh? 

Perhaps I will grow to hate this, but for now, I kinda like it. It seems quicker to me.  Maybe it’s not and I just like being in constant motion.  Maybe I like being reminded that to move forward, at some point I must go in the opposite direction.  Maybe I like it 'cause I thought I invented the term “Louisiana Left”. I’ve since been corrected.