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Rambling on Dec 12, 2009

With or without you

Last night I’m sitting at the Ear Inn Bar chatting with Victor the bartender. No gig just hanging.   He tells me the night before Bono and the Edge stopped in.   The waitress that served them (Jessica/Jennifer) "was the only one who got a hug". She says they are both very short.    They were working out rhythms and songs, just drinking Guinness until one table started bugging them and they left. One guy next to me wanted to know what they smelled like, weirdo.  I just wanted to know how much they tipped.    The check was $25 and they gave Jessica a $50.  So I plan on tipping $26 before I leave.  

I wonder if when they came in, and they asked for a table, did they get the old "will you be eating dinner, treatment?".

Then I chatted with one of the regulars, Tom. Tom is the stage manager of the metropolitan opera. Can you believe, their annual budget is 300 mil?  He says ticket sales are down and this is a problem.  I bet.  I'm trying to get free tickets from him.

I find out Tom was a pilot for the Navy during the vietnam war, ferrying generals and VIP's around between Vietnam and Hawaii.  So I gave him shit for that cushy job he gave me shit for not having to do anything. Touchee.  Still I couldn't help but think while my Dad was flying huey's for the Army, getting shot at, Tom was in hawaii with the Navy.  No wonder the Army / Navy game is such a big deal.

I’ll be back at the Ear Inn this Monday to play. Skip Ward (bass) and Louie Appel (drums).   We are starting at 10pm instead of midnight so you can all come by and sing a Christmas song or two.

Tonight Thursday, I’m at Rodeo with the Jack Grace Band. He’s got the full band out tonight. (Trombone/Trumpet too). So it ought to be a good one.  I have a feeling we will be singing about drinking.

Also Alex McMurray will be in town January 15.  We are headlining Sullivan Hall.   So please mark it down.   We are going to release his Cd “How to be A Cannonball” to the wild. Yes a CD release party.  The Go Cup All Stars and I will be backing him up and doing some of our stuff too.

- Bill