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Rambling on Feb 2, 2012

Why New Year's Eve should be today

I've always wondered why February had the fewest number of days.  I guess they ran out of days: 30,31,30,31, . . . 28 oh shoot, ran out. But it seems to me, when you run out of something, you do so at the end.  If I had 11 oranges and I said divide it into 4 even groups (without cutting) I would gander that most folks would break it up into 3, 3, 3, 2.  Right?   So with that logic, the last month of the year, December, should have 28 days instead of February.  

We can renumber December. OR! We can reinterpret the numbering of the months. Linguistically speaking, the root of October is Oct. or 8. (octogon, octave). The root of November derives from 9. The root of December, Deci, is 10.  When we change it all January becomes the 11th month, and February becomes 12. Now that makes sense.

Let's call March 1 "Malchow's New Year".  

There are additional benefits: We can give Christmas some space. New years is now associated with the coming of spring. (much more fitting I think)  Some years there would be no Mardis Gras, and some years there would be two. That spices things up. 

Who is with me?