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Rambling on Apr 4, 2008

Driving to New Orleans

So I set out last week on a trip to New Orleans. Jazzfest is coming, you know. I decided to drive down since I'll be here a while and wanted to bring my gear.

Highlights so far include:
  • Crabs and beer for lunch in Baltimore, MD.
  • A nice hour long nap at Maryland's finest highway rest stop approx 12 miles after the crabs.
  • Grits at the waffle house in Newton, North Carolina.
  • South Carolina - Cowpens National Battlefield. (thanks to Gretchen the lady in my GPS who pointed out I was near).
  • Watching the "yacht rock review" in Atlanta, GA.
  • My first ever Rodeo near Meridian, MS.
  • My first time shooting a gun with some locals in Meridian, MS.
  • 4/20 8pm. Arrival in New Orleans. 90 minutes later I'm at Donna's. Eating catfish and watching a barefoot Joe Ashlar tear up his shiny new Hammond organ...