Aurora Nealand, Antoine Diel new CD's
5/5/2014 12:57pm
Antoine Diel
1/9/2014 12:00pm
Happy New Year!  Friday's in Jan, Feb, March I'll be doing some nice gigs at the Roosevelt Hotel with vocalist Antoine Diel.  5pm - 8:30pm check my schedule page for confirmation.
Appearance on HBO's Treme
12/15/2013 11:59am
Hi All, Excited to be seen on HBO's Treme with "Rory Danger and the Danger Danger's".  4th Season, episdoe 2, 45 minute mark.  
New Orleans Fall
8/20/2013 1:46pm
I'm back in New Orleans, and fall is near... it looks I'll be doing a bunch of gigs with King James and the Special Men.  I'll be subbing for Casey McAllister who's on tour with "Hurray for the Riff Raff".  Don't hurray back... :)