10/30/2010 - Voodoo Fest

Tomorrow is Halloween. My first Halloween in New Orleans, I'm told to expect tricker treaters.

I'll be playing with Shannon McNally and Hot Sauce at the WWOZ stage. 11:15am. City Park, New Orleans, LA.

8/03/2010 - Woa
It's hot!
6/23/2010 - Day 4
Day 4 we are painting. It rained a bunch, never for long, but it always seems menacing. Also Mr Okra drove by. Perhaps his new truck has extended is range of operations, "I have strawberries, I have melon..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz2K8YPSMy8
6/20/2010 - Made it!
We've reached New Orleans. Mid-City is our new home.  Now we paint. Furniture (and piano) arrives next week.  Yes, It's hot.
5/20/2010 - Tonight at Rodeo, Moving to New Orleans...
It’s a bit late to promote a gig for tonight. but most of you have blackberry’s and smart phones these days. (Me, I’m happy with my 5 year old samsung. It’s got T9!). So perhaps I can persuade you to change barstools.

‘Why so late? well things rang late, I’ve spent the day gathering boxes from friends and the Coke Bottling Plant in Maspeth (sorry Pepsi Folks, you’ll get your turn). Why? Cause my girl and I are moving. Moving to New Orleans.

I’ve had many a fan (and musician) say they thought I was from New Orleans, and I figure that is the highest compliment I could get. But no, I’m not from there. I’ve visited a lot but I’ve never lived there more then a month at a time. I just fell in love with the music.

So I’ve finally succumbed to her gravity. I’m really thankful that my girl Rachael, who is doing quite well here, is joining me on this journey.

So yes, I’m excited. but also sad. As far as cool towns go, NYC is hard to beat. Luckily, we have JetBlue for future reunions.

I’m at Rodeo Bar tonight, thursday May 20. Joining me tonight is Jon Ellis, Dave Phelps, Louie Appel and Matt Lindsey

We move in mid June.

4/20/2010 - Jazz Fest

Hey Folks,

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to New Orleans for jazz fest.  If any of you are around... look me up.   I've got a nice show at the Hotel Monteleone on Friday April 30, and I'll be playing with Alex McMurray's band at Le Bon Temps Roulez on May 1. 


1/26/2010 - Video from Sullivan Hall
Thanks all for the great turnout at sullivan hall.   There is a video of the whole show is streamed here. the sound quality gets better as you get into it...


1/02/2010 - Alex McMurray and I headlining Sullivan Hall Jan 15, 2010
Sullivan Hall Jan 15 2010 Hey All,

It's always a pleasure when Alex McMurray comes up from New Orleans.   Our relationship dates back to just after Katrina.  We will be headlining Sullivan Jan 15, 2010 11:00pm - 2am.  This will be our only New York City show together this time around. 

We will perform songs from Alex's new Cd "How to be a Cannonball" (Threadhead Records). Alex will also join in with Bill and the band in a wailing Nola R&B set.  18 and over. 

Joining us:
Alex McMurray - guitar/vocals
Bill Malchow - piano / organ / vocals
Scott Bourgeois - alto sax/tenor sax/clarinet
Skip Ward - bass
Louie Appel - drums

5/20/2009 - Twitter

Now I have twitter. www.twitter.com/BillMalchow

5/07/2009 - New mp3 on myspace
I posted an mp3 from the February Sullivan Hall show. You Rascal You. Kinda cool intro eh?

Also The website is a now little more modern... you can now subscribe with an RSS thingy to news and show information.
5/02/2009 - Andrew Vladeck CD
Check out Andrew Vladeck's latest CD. "The Wheel". I'm playing on 6 tracks or so. http://www.andrewvladeck.com I like it!
2/24/2009 - Performing Dr John's Gumbo at Sullivan Hall NYC - Fat Tuesday 2009!

Today is Fat Tuesday! Happy Mardis Gras! The band and I will perform the classic 1972 album "Dr John's Gumbo" tonight at Sullivan Hall.

My lineup is all set and it has grown a bit. This won't be duplicated for a while (if ever) so please come down and enjoy! We start at 10pm. Funky Fritters are at 8pm.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 10pm
Performing Dr John's Gumbo
Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars
Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan Street
New York, NY

with Bill Malchow - piano/vocals
Brian Seeger - guitar
Casandra Faulconer - bass
Dave Berger - drums
Scott Bourgeois - tenor sax/clarinet
Chuck MacKinnon - trumpet
Elizabeth! ! - trombone/vocals
David Luther - tenor sax/bari sax
Chrissi Poland - vocals
Kierstin Grey - vocals
Matthias Bublath - organ

11 people. Coool right?

About the album:
Dr. John's Gumbo bridged the gap between post-hippie rock and early rock & roll, blues, and R&B, offering a selection of classic New Orleans R&B, including "Tipitina" and "Junko Partner," updated with a gritty, funky beat. There aren't as many psychedelic flourishes as there were on his first two albums, but the ones that are present enhance his sweeping vision of American roots music. And that sly fusion of styles makes Dr. John's Gumbo one of Dr. John's finest albums. (allmusic.com)

Dr. John's Gumbo was ranked number 402 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

We will be performing the record in it's entirety at 10pm.
The Funky Fritters at 8pm