Dr John's Gumbo turns 50!
4/19/2022 4:57pm
This Dr. John album turns 50 tomorrow. Rolling Stone has it listed at #404 all time. It's one of my top 5 favorites. The piano is so good, Strong evolving grooves and flowery introductions. I pretty much learned all of it. The Lee Allen sax solo's are melodic, economic, compact and mesmerizing. I love Freddy Flambeaux Staehle's drum introduction on Junko Partner. 
Probably my first exposure to second line anything. I get the sense it is studied by a lot of drummers cause whenever I call that tune, that's the groove most drummers start to play.
The record is a gateway to New Orleans R&B. I dug this so I dug deeper. Check it out and play it for your children

1:1 Concerts were all that!
5/18/2021 9:34pm

Wow, So thankful to BAM, Silkroad Ensemble, The Brooklyn Navy Yard, and the audience for making my experience performing for the 1:1 Concerts so memorable.   It has been a long frustrating pandemic for all of us and these concerts were really a shot in the arm.  I performed in Building 77 on an unfinished 15th floor.  Bare dusty concrete, exposed mechanicals, and amazing view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge.  After the audience member was seated I would choose something to play on the beautiful upright piano. I mixed up set pieces, original, standards, and pure improvisation.  The BAM production staff made me feel like an all star and even forwarded me some moving thank you notes from the audience.   An amazing experience!

BAM 1:1 Concerts piano


BAM/Silkroad Ensemble 1:1 Concerts
5/1/2021 9:19pm

I'm very happy to announce I will be taking part in the Brooklyn Academy of Music's 1:1 Concert series! This event is programmed by the Silkroad Ensemble and will take place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard May 7 - May 16, 2021.  The premisie is one performer will play a 15 minute concert for one audience member at unique sites throughout the Yard.  

My performances will be May 9 and May 15th. For more information visit the event home page HERE.


Live at the Soapbox Gallery
1/26/2021 2:52pm

I am excited to be bringing a trio to the Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn. NY this Friday January 29! They have a beautiful grand piano! and have played a big part in keeping NYC's music scene alive throughout the pandemic. Thank you!

Joining me will be Paul Socolow  on bass and Diego Voglino drums.  

We will be perform a 1 hour set starting at 8pm diving into some New Orleans and New York inspired material. Tickets are available in a pay what you can afford format. $10-$100. We are all reliant on you generosity in these hard times. There are several ways to purchase tickets if you’re not familiar with any of these services click on the top one.